Hello Roaring Fork Valley

Recently a very large (25,000 sf) pot growing facility has been approved and is now operational directly across Highway 82 from the Holland Hills subdivision.  The approvals are renewed yearly by the county commissioners with one of the conditions being that there be no odor escape the facility.  Unfortunately, after a few months of operation, it’s apparent that their odor mitigation systems are not at all effective.  The resulting skunky smell is overpowering and depending on the direction of the wind, affects people and businesses a couple of miles away including the high-profile Roaring Fork Club.  When their mostly Texas and Oklahoma members start playing golf and are subjected to this overpowering and dangerous-to-some skunk-like smell, there will be more legal resources to establish a larger scale forum with a strong message to the county commissioners.

Some of the neighbors attended a BOCC meeting a months ago and voiced our experiences and grave concern not only for our health but also our property values. Several of us spoke up at a BOCC meeting a month ago and we made front page news in both newspapers and had another last week where the grow operation admitted that they have been having trouble mitigating the smell.  We also have been told that their employees are having asthma and other breathing and coughing issues.

A few of our homeowners spent an hour getting some savvy legal advice on Friday, and the recommendation was the we set up a website into which people who drive by, walk by, bike by , golf by or just open their window can record the time and the strength of the smell.  Actually, people don’t have to roll down their windows when commuting, either.  It’s that bad.  If we can then get a few hundred comments from valley residents, our credibility with the BOCC will be much greater. We will announce this website with Letters to the Editor and word of mouth.

We are not against the operation and if they could mitigate their odor, that would be acceptable.

So, do you have any thoughts please post them.


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