No, those new buildings next to the Roaring Fork Club on Highway 82 are not a state-of-the-art breeding facility for skunks. They are greenhouses. But you wouldn’t know it from the smell.

Motorists on 82 notice the smell briefly as they drive by. Bikers and pedestrians on the Roaring Fork Trail stew in it a bit longer; fishermen and golfers longer still. Nearby residents are forced to live under its pungency. That skunky odor emanating from the marijuana-growing operation violates the operation’s county permit. Our elected officials need to be kept informed of this situation so that they can react appropriately when license renewals are submitted.

If that smell interferes with your enjoyment of your residence or recreation, please speak up and express your frustration.

This has nothing to do with the morality of marijuana. Break out the Pink Floyd and Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy. Just don’t inflict the smell of industrial skunk on your neighbors.

This is about preserving—at our homes, in our gardens, and along our river—the crisp mountain air we all enjoy.

Please leave your thoughts or tell your experience with this below.

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  1. The past 2 nights (Oct 15 & 16) when I turned onto Bishop Rd from 82 (approx 6:15 pm) there was a VERY strong smell of pot all the way past the church on Holland Hills Rd.
    This is NOT ok. Why is this still an issue? How many more meetings do we need to sit through??

  2. A very STRONG smell of pot right now on and around our deck at 6.48 p.m.
    Can someone explain to me why we are still smelling the pot smell? Please explain what is happening at this moment at High Valley Farms to mitigate the smell? How far along are you with the carbon filtration system?

  3. heather isberian

    October 7th. at 7.17 p.m. we smelled very strong pot smell at our house.
    This brings us to the following: Now the dust is somewhat settled after the last BOCC meeting, and the permit has been granted with restrictions, how are we all communicating? Will we get updates from Kurt Dahl on this website as the monitoring begins? Will we be updated on the High Valley Farm’s carbon filtration application as the machines are placed in each greenhouse? How many greenhouses are now operating and to what capacity?
    We have noticed a clear reduction of daily skunk smell but we don’t know if this is still temporary or a more permanent fix? The smell has not left 100% and we are all hoping that the grow facility will keep the neighbors in touch with their operation. Is that the plan? Can someone please answer my questions? Thank you.

  4. 3:30 on October 7 there is a strong smell of pot along HWY82 near high valley farms.

  5. 6:30pm on 10/1/15 strong skunk smell outside my home – hard to enjoy sunset from deck!

  6. Sunday, September 27th. 8 p.m. skunk smell at our house when we returned from visiting friends.

  7. Kim ?? You have several posts that you haven’t responded to regarding Jordan identifying the 5 grow operations that he testified about. David Lambert

  8. HI KIM,

  9. email just sent to BOCC:

    To: rachel.richards@pitkincounty.com; steve.child@pitkincounty.com; george.newman@pitkincounty.com; kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com; jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com; michael.owsley@pitkincounty.com; patti.clapper@pitkincounty.com
    Subject: High Valley Farms
    Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 08:08:09 -0600

    To the BOCC and Jeanette Jones

    In followup to yesterday’s meeting and decision to continue the license for HVF:

    1. On the webite http://www.roaringforkskunksmell.com posted yesterday after the meeting you will see that skunk smells are reported yesterday afternoon in Holland Hills.

    2. On that same website you will see that we have had no response from HVF to share the information they say they have about other grow sites in Holland Hills. We are unaware of any such sites. I see from the 104 page document the BOCC had to review prior to yesterday’s hearing that you were also unable to find evidence of these supposed sites. Could you persuade HVF to share what information they have so the our HOA can address any smell coming from any other site?

    3. Can you find out why the Pitkin County assessor has the condition of these brand-new warehouses as “average” ?
    Account R006924:
    OFFICE BASALT: 5,075
    Total Area: 25,000
    Actual Year Built: 2014
    Effective Year Built: 2014
    Quality of Construction: AVERAGE
    Exterior Wall: AVERAGE
    Interior Wall: AVERAGE
    Neighborhood: BASALT BYPASS

  10. Thanks Kim for posting again successfully on 9/22/15 . In reading your answer I wonder why you couldn’t have taken an extra few seconds to answer the questions David, Heather and now I am asking you through this website? If it is true, as Jordan Lewis stated, that he is aware of at least 5 grow sites in Holland Hills which he discovered in 2 months; yet we are unaware of these sites when we have lived here for 15 to 30+ years it is perplexing to me why he (via you) is unwilling to share his information so we and our HOA could investigate the smells he alleges coming from these secret sites. Please consider sharing this with us the next time you can spare a few moments to make a post.

  11. So sorry for the locals living near this stench producer and anyone enjoying the beauty of that area. All supporters stand to benefit monetarily all those against only want their right to breath clean air, the same clean air that was there before Lewis, defended. Money won, imagine that. Can’t wait to pull out next week…hope it’s gone by next June.

  12. I would never have expected to be back at this website so soon after the BOCC meeting today!
    I just arrived home, opened my car door so I could open the gate to the driveway, and there it was again….a very strong skunk smell right at our entrance.
    My husband arrived not long after me and rolled down the window and asked me if I smelled the skunk smell. He noted it too.
    I suppose we have to keep up the posting.

  13. Notice in The Aspen Times Commentary section Patricia Marino and Jimmy Dula comment in favor of a relaxed approach toward evaluating the renewal process even as I see today there is a post that stench is still coming from the area. What they do not understand is the degree that the invasion of privacy both outside and inside our homes has done to our personal lives on a daily basis. Heck it’s not even note worthy to them. They just can’t see the forest through the trees. #1 it shouldn’t be here on this site. #2 We are not a test for the world to use at our expense. #3 why do they think it’s OK that Mr. Lewis didn’t do his research and know this would happen. As I mentioned weeks ago, 3 minutes and Google can tell you all you need to know about smell being the #1 problem with growing pot. Are we going to sit back and allow this TEST project to continue at the expense of the local population just so we can grab a few tax dollars and maybe succeed in growing pot free of stench years from now! Zoning needs to be in place that will keep it away from parks and residential areas, this is 101. Never should so many be impacted to the degree these folks have for the profit of so few.

  14. 9-22-15 Approx. 5 p.m. at out business on E. Cody Lane, Basalt and about 5.20 p.m. at the lower part of Bishop Drive, Holland Hills….skunk smell in both areas.

  15. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Bronwyn, I have nearly given up in communicating via this website. I have posted many times- sometimes the admin posts the first post, then sometimes the posts are removed and they show on my end as ‘awaiting moderation’. I think I’ve tried to answer more than you’ve been able to see over the past month or so.
    I’m wrapping my work day up- have a great night.

  16. The article by Collin in the Aspen Daily News today (9/22/15) says “Suzanne Wolff, senior planner for Pitkin County, said Monday that the area is zoned AR-10, which means it’s designed for agricultural and residential uses with a minimum of 10 acres”. The land where the grow operation is located is 4.7 acres according to Pitkin County. Does anyone know why it is not subject to the 10 acre minimum? I left a message for Collin to see if he asked that but have not heard back yet.

    Also, does anyone else know why Kim is not responding to Heather and David’s requests for information about the other sites that Jordan Lewis alleged exist in Holland Hills? I don’t know of any other sites and am curious as to why he would emphatically insist they exist then ignore all requests for further information.

  17. Reading the article in The Aspen Times “HVF suggested to PC that a third party could routinely monitor the air for marijuana odor at the greenhouse complex’s property line ALONG HWY 82″. Well they now vent out back along the river, golf course and cabins at RFC. Yes they do say they are responsible for the entire property but it seems like 82 is the focus here. Seems if the entire property line where really the focus this sentence would not be included. Furthermore the County MUST have a plan to shut him down not Warn-Fix-Warn-Fix-Warn and so on. He should not have built on this site his mistake not ours. If the county renews the permit it must attach a clause that cannot be overturned or bypassed in anyway. One that gives an Absolute SHUT DOWN fail safe trigger. One that offers zero chance for renewal in the future under any circumstance…..PERIOD. Anything short of this approach is just smoke and mirrors make no mistake.

  18. Dear Colin with the Aspen Daily News:

    The reason the neighbors are asking the question about Jordan Lewis’s alleged additional grow operations in the neighborhood has nothing to do their potentially being the source of odor, but rather a conjecture of whether Mr. Lewis is purchasing pot from these operations (if they even exist) to supplement his currently highly curtailed grow operation at High Valley. If so, is this legal ? And it also makes some question whether Mr. Lewis is purchasing pot from other areas (Denver ?) to sell under the pretense that it was legally grown in his greenhouse ?

    These are not accusations, just conjectures that have been tossed around lately along with the fact that there is very little activity seen or cars parked at the facility in the past 10 days which makes one wonder if they are even able to keep their plants alive given the dramatically lower air flows that Mike Woods said activated carbon filters necessitated. Or perhaps the intention is to let the remaining plants die so that there is no smell at all in the hopes that the BOCC will reissue the license allowing them to ramp up production and continue placing our lives in the middle of their science project.

    The continued odors clearly appear to be coming from the highly industrial High Valley Greenhouse given the proximity to the first rows of homes in Holland Hills and given that complaints are still being filed by members of the Roaring Fork Club, now in the direct firing line of exhausted air.

    Your comments about the greenhouse not being a closed-loop system were appreciated. Thank you for the clarification !

  19. Does anyone know what the effective life span of these carbon filters are? My understanding is that carbon filters will deteriorate overtime. I am wondering how quickly do they deteriorate and at what effectiveness level are they to be replaced. Currently the Carbon filters are brand new and should be at their peak effectiveness in eliminating odors. (Perfect timing for the Board to be convinced that the problem is solved.) What happens when the carbon filters lose their effectiveness? What happens when production is stepped up?

    Also, the weather is cooling so I presume this means there is less venting needed than in the summer months. The demand on the ventilation system could constantly fluctuate. Will this filtering system be able engineered to handle these fluctuations? Or does this mean Holland Hills will smell one day and then not the next. Can you plan an outside gathering with faith that you won’t have to cancel do to the Facilities odors?

    Lots of questions and unfortunately, there have been too few answers…only failed promises by the owners.


  20. I drive by Holland Hills Mon-Thu, weekly at about 4:30pm and most days it smells like skunk! Having been a resident in Holland Hills I feel for my old friends and neighbors!!!!

  21. With the legalizing of marijuana production, it is necessary that Pitkin County adopt a code or regulation that will not allow odor from licensed grow sites, so it is automatically stopped. Obviously, clean air is important not only to our health and well being, but also for the economic and aesthetic well-being as a resort community. The argument against a regulation could be that there really are skunk and other agricultural odors in our unincorporated area which make it hard to identify its origin. However, it really is easy to tell the difference between manufactured odor that endlessly fills the air day and night and a real skunk smell that is temporary or other agricultural odors that are seasonal.

  22. Dear Kim, Let me make my response as simple as possible.
    Jordan Lewis stated in the August meeting that there are 5 other grow places beside his. I believe he was trying to show that he was not the only one we should concern about.
    My assumption is that Mr. Lewis has tangible evidence to back up that claim.
    Therefore, please ask Mr. Lewis for the information, if you cannot provide it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
    Regards, Heather

  23. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi David, If I misspoke, I do apologize. Only filtered air leaves the greenhouses. I wish you a great Saturday, Kim

    • Hi Kim,

      Apology accepted, thank you. I would hope the Jordan won’t be proclaiming again at the upcoming September 23 BOCC meeting that this latest system is “closed loop” and couldn’t possibly be releasing contaminated air to the environment as you did on a previous post !! If you read recent posts it’s obvious there are still offensive odors being released either from your filters that dump exhaust into the environment, or from breaches in the facility or filtration systems.

      The latest carbon filtration system absolutely needs to become a “closed loop” system so that the emissions are truly self contained. DUMP THE EXHAUST BACK INTO THE GREENHOUSES AND NOT INTO OUR ENVIRONMENT. Simple as that, Jordan. Make the smell go away and the complaints go away.

  24. Hi again Kim,

    Heather asks a great question that I would like to pose as well. Can you please post the contact information and locations of the 5 other grow operations in our neighborhood that Jordan said exist at the last BOCC meeting ? There shouldn’t be anything to hide, should there ?

  25. Hi Kim,

    Here’s a lesson in very basic HVAC: You have been proclaiming that your latest attempt at odor mitigation is a “closed loop”, self-contained system. To clear the air on this claim once again:

    • Closed loop system as defined in Industry Glossary Terms: A closed loop air filtration system which does not exchange air or other contaminants during the operation with the adjacent environment. Air or atmosphere inside the system is continuously circulated through internal filter systems.

    Duh, this is not a “closed loop” system ! High Valley is ducting exhausted air from their filters directly into the adjacent environment, currently aiming at the Roaring Fork Club rather than Highway 82. Read recent posts on the roaringforksunksmell.com website and it will be obvious a noxious smell continues and is a byproduct of their current “open loop” system. People aren’t complaining because they have nothing better to do.

    When Mr. Lewis has installed a truly “closed loop” system in which all contaminated air is self-contained within the facility by ducting exhausted filtered air back into the greenhouse and not being discharged into the environment, he may be pleasantly surprised to see that the complaints disappear. If he needs the names of a couple of reputable design engineers, please let me know.

    I suggest he hires a mechanical engineer who knows the definition of “closed loop”. Obviously the last one did not and has misinformed him and his public relations team.

  26. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Heather,
    Our job – and our commitment to the community and to the county- is to make 100% sure that our farm is not contributing to the odors in the area- which we have accomplished. In addition to the successful installation of the carbon filtering system, we monitor our property daily to make sure there isn’t an issue. Odors we generate that cross our property line are our responsibility, and we can’t be responsible for the other smells in the neighborhood. Thank you for your comments, and please let us know of any other concerns. -Kim

  27. Dear Kim, In the last BOCC meeting in August, Jordan Lewis said that there are 5 grow facilities located in our vicinity besides his. Please give me the list of all 5 with names and locations. You are welcome to respond on this website. Thank you. Heather

  28. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Dee-
    Give me a call at 970-305-4195 and I’d love to give you a quick overview of the new carbon filter system. Its a 100% closed system now- that means there is no longer any venting of anything that might remotely smell. Have a great Friday, Kim

  29. Kent was awakened from deep sleep by pot smell Sept 16 3:00 am. Just curious…why did they move their exhaust vents to face the other side if there is supposed to be no odor?

  30. Skunky smell strong order on Wednesday 9/16/15 morning 3:00 to 3:30 am which needed to get up close down all the windows on more time.

  31. Roaring a Fork a Club a Resident

    I was walking my dog on the Roaring Fork Club roper to yesturday and the smell was extremely prevalent. This has to end!

  32. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Heather, our new carbon filtering system has been proven to be successful- the marijuana smell is not coming from our facility. Please reach out if you need any help sourcing the pot smell- it might be from another grower in the area. My cell is 970-305-4195.

  33. Been too busy to keep up posting this week but just FYI….I just stepped out to let out the dogs…9 p.m. tonight, 9-16-15…very very strong smell of pot!!

    Pull the permit accept the fact this was a mistake by all and be done with it. Mr. Lewis screwed up, not complicated. He can relocate most all of the equip and recover much of the investment. This is not going to work. 3 wrongs don’t make a right. Too many have suffered too long dealing with this. It’s insane to allow the masses to suffer for the one. At some point pride takes a back seat and LOGIC drives the ship! He’s running one of three and I smell the stench every single day. What’s it going to take?

  35. Am I supposed to be breathing fresh air right now because only one greenhouse is in use with a new filter system ???!!! I’m gagging on the smell of pot mixed with some type of perfume right now at my home! I caught major amounts of this mix at around 4 p.m. going up to the AABC and again at around 5 p.m. when I returned home. It has not changed one iota.

  36. Ron (?), as posted a few days ago poses something for the BOCC to include in their internal license renewal discussions. It’s a given that 3 of the 4 stand-alone greenhouses will have been stripped of plants soon (hence no odor from the 3), and that only 1 of the 4 greenhouses is growing plants while they are installing the fourth redesign of an odor mitigation system.

    And let’s say the BOCC errs horribly once again and gives High Valley a temporary reprieve while they test the new system, wouldn’t it make sense to only issue a TEMPORARY permit for that 1 of the 4 and give them a short period of time to prove to the BOCC and most importantly, affected valley residents and visitors, that their latest engineering actually works before allowing them to consider another short extension on that 1 one greenhouse ONLY ? And a TEMPORARY permit on the 1 house should not allow any plants to be to be allowed to be grown in the other 3 greenhouses on this TEMPORARY permit. It’s one thing to make a mistake but a far greater evil when one doesn’t learn from that mistake.

    Finally, I’ve been reading that High Valley is claiming their latest active carbon filtering system is a “closed-loop” system. In my experience “closed-loop” means “self-contained”, and a system that vents filtered air to the outside, as the current version does, is not “closed-loop”:. When their system blows filtered air their back into their facility rather than aiming at the Roaring Fork Club, the bike path, and everyone within miles when the wind shifts, then Mr. Lewis can correctly proclaim that he has installed a” closed-loop” system.

  37. Posting for this last week….I can put our experiences in a nutshell….every single day it smelled awful and at several different times in each day.
    Here are today’s specifics: Saturday, Sept. 5th…1.30 p.m. 3.15p.m. and 3.49 p.m. ( I was in Aspen earlier today so not in the area of the smell in the morning hours)

  38. Three days ago at Cornerstone School in Basalt, a teacher noticed the perfumed skunk smell and mentioned it to me. That odor is definitely identified with Silverpeak pot farm on Hwy 82. It’s a distinct smell now that they have added deodorizing porta potty smelling agents to try to mask skunk. I also smelled it on a bike ride today by Rock Bottom Ranch. And, of course still getting blasts of that awful odor at my house. When you have a skunk under your porch, you remove the skunk; not pour deodorant over it.

  39. Ok, they (SP/HVF) get a county renewal or temporary extension (C-DOR, MED) will not honor anything but a unconditional renewal. Then – Mr. Dave Lampert is correct! ( A immediate RED Tag ) must be invoked – a 100% stoppage, all operations must cease! and this means “Plants will Die, and they (SP/HVF) must start all over as they work to correct the odor problem. If they do get a restricted approval? Maybe it should be for only one building! (if they can’t control one, 3 or 4 wont work either!

    • Ron a temp permit would be a slap in the face for everyone. This first year has been a temp permit basically. I’m surprised that there isn’t a class action against this stench producing , privacy invading garbage dump yet. It’s got to go unless 100% removal happens. The problem will be as someone has pointed out…he may get one under control then crank up the others after getting some type of renewal and a month from then start pumping out stench only to delay the inevitable once again. Meanwhile everyone continues to lives with this!

  40. I drive Hwy 82 five days a week twice a day. I’ve smelled pot in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It seems to be particularly strong during and after moderate rain and snow. I feel badly for those of you living it.

  41. Walking by the skunk factory on the night of August 31st, feel bad for the holland hills folk.

  42. Well, I’ve smoked pot in the dirtweed days of the seventies .. but glad I’m fortunate enough to miss the hybrid stuff of today. Regardless, live and let live. Period. That is until it oversteps the legitimate concern of others. I have smelled “that smell” and I drive 82 more than I like. I truly feel for the residents as I try and imagine my son growing up with that smell. Sorry, but unacceptable. Period.

  43. Hoaglund Ranch is in the stench too.

  44. In a message dated 9/2/2015 9:35:20 P.M. Central America Standard Ti, flyfishhunter62@gmail.com HUTCH writes:
    Jordan Lewis, has put SO much money into this project and facility he is going to employ ANY method he can to make sure this facility stays open. He is very determined to keep it open and operational.

    Hutch, the sentence (above) in your email is VERY disturbing to me. Mr. Lewis I am sure is a fine man no doubt, never met him myself so I’ll give him that but he is without a doubt a very poor business planner. The worst I have ever been so unfortunate come into contact with and have my daily life affected in such a negative way. We have been coming to the valley for well over 30 years and being forced to digest this stench through my nostrils is the most disgusting thing I can imagine short of taking down the mountains! It’s nothing short of an invasion of privacy. Trust me, many have lost more money due from less negative impact than Mr. Lewis will. I have been in business all my life and can’t even imagine why anyone short of being mega ego driven would put a pot plant on THIS SITE, dumb to say the least. Do you realize that GOOGLE and 3 minutes can teach you just about all you need to know about Marijuana and the stench created when growing it! We’re not talking about something just sneaking up on you……We’re talking about the #1 issue when it come to growing pot. The number ONE PROBLEM that anyone who has ever grown this commercially knows about. Where’s your research Mr. Lewis? We’re not talking rocket science here this is pot 101.
    I’m not sure where you live but I personally feel for everyone near this garbage producing plant. To think that as I type there are homeowners with children that have no choice but to leave windows open at night and smell this is saddening to me. It’s mind boggling that it hasn’t been closed yet. Touring this plant is a waste of time. Why would you is the million dollar question I’d like to know the answer to???
    Bottom line: remove 100% of the stench or close the facility. Not complicated and really don’t care about millions lost. “Lost” is a joke because in reality he’s making millions. Your asking the man that made the worst decision I have ever seen to fix it……really. So this will set you back a year or two and we’re debating this…really? You just ruined a half mile square of the most beautiful land and you negatively affect thousands driving by daily and we care how much money you lose…really?

  45. Nicolette Toussaint

    I was taking our minister home to Basalt after picking her up at the Glenwood Train station on Monday, Aug. 31 around 1 pm, and drove by. It pretty much reeked. Smelled like cars had run over 2 or 3 skunks.

  46. This week’s post so far:
    Monday 31st….5 p.m.
    Tuesday 1st…..5.30 p.m. and 9.30 to 10.00 p.m.
    Wednesday…..5.30 especially bad smell from Highway 82, up Bishop, up to upper Holland Hills Road and into our yard. Really overwhelming and it lingered.

  47. I’ve been home all day. It’s cool and damp with little wind. Typically I can smell the farm on the way into town. It’s usually bad when it’s hot and sunny BUT today it ihas been smelly all day on the upper Holland Hills Road. Please stay active in the fight against the license renewal for this operation. August 31, 2015 12:45 pm

  48. Right now in car 8:23 pm 30-Aug-2105 very strong smell diving by. This needs to stop.

  49. brigitte abplanalp

    It is August 30, 2015 Today and all last week, we have been enduring this horrible skunk smell. Then came Jordan’s beautiful full page letter in the papers. Is anybody seriously going to believe Jordan’s promises to his ” friends and neighbors” ?
    It is time for the county commissioners to act and shut this pot farm down so we can all enjoy our clean air again.

  50. heather isberian

    Update for today, Sunday 30th….Just returned from the Basalt Farmers’ Market. Hwy 82 onto Bishop was very strong with the familiar skunk smell again. Too bad. I had hoped to report one day clear but no such luck.

  51. heather isberian

    Today is Sunday, August 30th and here is our skunk smell report for this last week:
    Monday, 24th …………..5 p.m. extending into approx. 6 p.m.
    Tuesday 25th…………….5.30 a.m. and 10.30 p.m.(very severe at night)
    Wednesday 26th………..12.47 (midday) and 6 p.m.
    Thursday 27th……………5.10 p.m. VERY BAD
    Friday 28th…………………9 a.m. and 12.40 (midday) and 5.30 p.m & 6.20 p.m.
    Saturday, 29th…………….2.24 p.m. tremendous smell all the way to our home
    As we always say, these are our logs for the times we notice the skunk smell. No doubt, other people experience the smell in different areas at different times. This is simply our experience.

  52. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi RMSS, Could you please approve the letter I posted this morning? We promised the Commissioners it would be posted here. Thank you! Kim

  53. On the evening of Aug. 27, we could smell the strong skunk odor at the Roaring Fork Club Lodge. It’s very off putting to smell this as you’re going into dinner.

  54. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Ooh. I made a mistake– TWO greenhouses will be installed by September 15, not one. Kim

  55. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Carol,
    You’re right. The hydroxyl system was supposed to be operational today, but we chose to pivot and NOT utilize that system. Because of the concern voiced by neighbors at the BOCC meeting August 11, we are no longer going to be using hydroxyl. We heard you loud and clear and we chose to install a carbon filter system that is pretty fantastic in my eyes- its tried and true, and its reliability is tops.
    Give me a call if you have questions about the new setup- the first greenhouse will be online (and the odor squashed!) September 15. My cell is 970-305-4195 – give me a call at your convenience.

  56. We were told the new mitigation system was supposed to be operational by today, but we smell the pot smell right now, 6pm-ish on 8/28. Smelled it yesterday morning and last night, even though it was raining.

  57. Kim, I appreciate your position as unenviable as it is. Not sure what all the concrete work is about. I saw the trucks there today dropping concrete. Can you elaborate? This really boils down to poor thinking and bottom line. Remove the smell 100% or your permit has to be revoked. It’s sad that all summer we have had to deal with your error. Maybe a good idea for the owners to move their families on site to live. Yes…I think that might work. What are your thoughts on that? Curious.

    • Kim @ High Valley Farms

      Hi RAM, we’re pouring concrete to place the new carbon filters. You’ll see more supplies be delivered over the next handful of days while the parts arrive. T minus 15 days for less odor…. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

    • Your posts are awesome and exactly what I would say! I don’t live near the pot farm, but my blood boils just reading these posts😡. Just a combination of inconsideration and GREED! And, of course, their homes are sure to be nowhere near the facility! They should be shut down just for “diminishing” property values alone! Did they think a pot farm would increase property values? The fact that this facility was allowed to be built there tells me someone was paid off! The final outcome will be interesting to see, especially if political corruption is involved😬. So much for breathing the clean mountain air!

  58. Strong smell right now driving by downvalley on Route 82. 29-August-2015 6:52pm.

  59. The simple fact the owners of High Valley Farms made such a poor decision in buying this site tells me all I need to know when it comes to the chances of them remedying the disgusting stench. Think for a moment; you are going to invest millions in a business on a site square in the middle of a residential community (could have bought a site in the middle of nowhere, duh!). Where most leave windows open all day and/or night. A residential community and golf community like the Roaring Fork Club, not to mention the beautiful neighborhoods that immediately surround this site. On the most traveled road in the entire valley and you don’t research the kind of air pollution you’re going to pump out! An outdoor area that is used by so many biking, hiking, walking, fishing, rafting or just sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous day! Are you kidding me? This is unthinkable, inexcusable and needs to be put to a stop immediately.
    As the for the brilliant minds at the county level that allowed the permit in such close proximity to a residential area and MAIN/ONLY artery in the valley where so many have to smell this speaks volumes of their ability to determine right from wrong. This is simply amazing to say the very least!
    I drive this road 2-4 times every day. This is a LOSE-LOSE scenario caused by one dumb decision followed up by another and now both decision makers are going to fix it. Not a chance in hell, just examine their track record for a moment.

  60. Nothing less than the removal of all plants is acceptable. Four strikes and you’re out. They should be thinking about growing organic vegetables instead. And what’s with the 20,000 + gallon water storage tank that’s being installed ? It doesn’t look like there are any thoughts to curtail the operation, all the time knowing that the odor cannot be controlled.

  61. Kim @ High Valley Farms

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m Kim, and I work for High Valley Farms. We’re working our tail off to get this odor issue solved asap, and part of that plan is to reduce the plant count until the carbon filters arrive in the next couple weeks. The state has a very specific way we have to destroy the plants, and while that process is going on, you might smell it on the days we run the shredding machines.

    In order to get this smell dealt with as quickly as possible, we’re going to start decommissioning plants today and tomorrow.

    I’ll keep in touch via this website and by emailing Mr. Hutchinson & Mr. Isberian with all updates to this so they can help share the info.

    I know you haven’t had a person to talk to and ask questions or make comments- please know this is why I’m here. My personal cell phone is 970-305-4195, and you can call or text any time. I’m happy to get together for a meal and explain whats going on at the farm now too.

    Please, reach out if I can help with anything, and know that I’m here to answer any and all questions and concerns.

    Thank you!

  62. Yesterday, August 25th at 7:00 pm the skunk odor was pronounced at the River Cabin area of the Roaring Fork Club. Why is this operation not red tagged by the Pitkin County Commissioners for operating in contravention of their permit?

  63. Yesterday, August 24,2015, at 6:30 pm the skunk smell was intense at our Cabin next to the Roaring Fork Club Lodge. There is no excuse for allowing this intrusion into our lives from a profit making entity that got its operating permit based on no odor emissions!

    • Throughout the day today and the past week the stench has been in the air. Not only along HWY 82 at Bishop Lane but also Samuelson Neighborhood and along the Ro Grande Trail within two miles of High Valley Farm. Pitkin County and High Valley, admit you made a mistake and please close this operation down.

  64. Just now while smelling that nauseous odor from Hwy 82 pot farm, it reminded me to thank our commissioners because in a month the air will be clean and we’ll be able to breath again. So, I sent them this letter: Dear County Commissioner, Thank you so much for your help re the pot farm on Hwy 82 across from Holland Hills. Knowing that we only have to put up with that foul smell for another month, makes it almost bearable. I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the rest of our fall season at home. Only four more weeks of that nauseating gagging odor entering and lingering in my home.
    Thank you!

  65. Completing our Sunday report….I was correct that our Sunday report may not be complete! The smell was VERY strong early evening for us…started at about 5.30 and stayed REALLY heavy through early evening. Our reports will continue but isn’t the writing already on the wall?

  66. Brigette Alplanalp

    All day the skunk smell has been unbelievable! How can anybody say that there is work being done to eliminate the odor? It is getting worse. the pot farm has to go! Brigitte

  67. Perfumed skunk disgusting odor filled our neighborhood in Holland Hills this afternoon and evening

  68. Brigitte Alplanalp

    Today is August 23 and all day the skunk smell has been unbelievable! How can anybody say that there is work being done to eliminate the odor? It is getting worse. the pot farm has to go! Brigitte

  69. heather isberian

    We have done a log of the smell times for a few days. It saves time and is easier than posting every single one separately on this site. So, here we go ..
    Thurs. August 20th…..3.10 p.m.
    Fri. August 21st. 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
    Sat. August 22nd. 11.30 a.m. through midday into early afternoon.
    Sun. August 23rd. 9 a.m. and 1.40 p.m. SO FAR!! We are still on Sunday.
    Again, we reiterate that these are times that WE smell this odor. Other people have different notations, but the reality is that the smell is as strong as ever and noticeable throughout each day. It is sometimes slightly masked (but still obvious) by a sickening “Plug In” type odor and it feels suffocating because you can’t get away from it.

  70. OMG! It smells like perfumed skunk! and it’s coming into my house! Give up pot farm people, you are polluting the air.

  71. The breeze was blowing up to my house from Hwy 82 carrying with it SKUNK ODOR, around 5:30 pm.

  72. Today from noon until at least 3 pm the smell migrated into Holland Hill and through the subdivision onto BLM land almost a mile to the SE of High Valley. This is the furthest I’ve seen it migrate and it had the same toilet bowl cleaner scent as yesterday. This is unbelievable !!

  73. More of the same over the past two weeks. Strong smell when driving into Bishop most times. Yesterday at 3:00 pm was the worst yet as it extended from Wingo Junction to the Roaring Fork Club on HWY 82 and into the first two rows of houses off of Bishop. For the first time I smelled something similar to toilet bowl cleaner mixed in. Living in a lab experiment SUCKS !

  74. heather isberian

    Yesterday, 5.30 am. front deck of our home. I was letting the dogs outside and took a big gulp of not so fresh air!! Very strong pot odor at a time when I have not usually smelled it.

  75. August 15, 2015

    Dear Pitkin County Commissioners:

    Thank you for the opportunity to attend and participate in the hearing of August 11, 2015 regarding the continuous odor emanating from the High Valley Farms facility located on Highway 82 across from my neighborhood of Holland Hills. I believe this has been a complicated issue for all of you and your continued efforts to address it are appreciated. I would like to take this opportunity to be clearer about several of my comments that may have been confusing. I will not reiterate my comments about how the odor has dramatically diminished the enjoyment of our home and neighborhood. In full disclosure, I plan to send be a very similar paragraph as the one below to the Aspen Times as a letter to the Editor regarding their article on the hearing.

    I did state that it has been reported there is a relationship between greater THC concentration and greater odor (the odor comes from various terpene molecules in the plants). I then posed the question as to what the level of THC might be in and around the facility given the great amount of odor. Airborne THC is an understudy area in the literature and very little scientific work has been done regarding it. When it has been evaluated, airborne THC is thought to be very uncommon, but low levels of airborne THC have been detected in one grow facility that was recently evaluated and reported in the literature (Martyny, JW, et al, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene, 10: 622-639, 2013). My comments about possible ill effects were not meant to be linked to THC per se, but, rather, to terpene concentrations. As I stated, it has been reported that terpene exposure may induce allergic reactions in certain people, particularly when the terpenes are oxidized (Matura, et al, Contact Dermatitis, 52: 320-328, 2005). My other comment about possible, unknown, ill effects was linked to one of the odor remediation techniques the owners of the facility are proposing. As I understand it from statements made at the hearing, the proposed remediation technique depends on oxidation of the odor causing terpenes. The questions I was trying to pose were: once the terpenes are oxidized, what are the daughter products of this oxidation process that will still be emanating from the facility and wafting into our neighborhood, and what possible effects might they have on my neighbor’s and family’s health? Finally, my comment about mercury levels and the Chesapeake Bay were not referring to THC but were said in support of my comments about the possible effects of chronic, unintended exposure to chemicals in the environment where the effects are not immediately recognized.

    Thank you for allowing me to be clearer about my comments and thank you again for your focused attention to finding a rapid, safe, and permanent solution to this issue.

    Respectfully yours,

    Ted DeWeese, Holland Hills Homeowner also a Director of Research at Johns Hopkins University

  76. heather isberian

    8 a.m. driving to the gym, smell very obvious at entrance to Roaring Fork Club.

  77. 99:22 doors open at our home. Not the smell that we should have to cool off now. That is all. Sell our house in the spring.

  78. Again smell again 8:30 tonight. Jordan states that there is no smell from our grow facility at night.

  79. heather isberian

    I will continue to report until the next meeting. I hope others do too.
    Today, Sunday August 16th. we attempted brunch on the back deck of our house. Not a good idea! The pot smell was very obvious and it stayed with us until at least 12 noon.
    This day is not over, but I hope the smell is.

  80. At precisely 4.05 p.m. today, 8-15-15, we were sitting on our deck with a guest and we all were grossed out by the overwhelming smell of pot at the same moment….so what did we do? We had to move inside on this glorious day!
    We don’t get a whole lot of time at home to relax and enjoy friends. We are always so busy. Can we ask yet again to get our lives back the way things used to be in this area? I truly do not believe that the smell can be mitigated at this juncture. The pot farm has to shut down permanently in this neighborhood and move to more remote approved industrial area.

  81. Last evening the air near the pot farm on Hwy 82 was again sickening, but did not move to my house, which was a welcome relief. I wondered who was getting it, since we weren’t then. I talked with someone this morning who told me that awful nauseating odor settled around her place last evening, she noticed it when she went outside around 10:30 pm (she lives on E Valley Road near Willits!). Pitkin County needs to pass codes to protect our local air quality. They should speak with an Environmental Health Specialist about how the air quality ordinance will apply. Like how construction dust is regulated: construction is stopped by a complaining neighbor reporting the problem, and business not resumed until dust problem is resolved.

  82. heather Isberian

    10.42 a.m. Stephan is picking up a rug from a client in Holland Hills….higher up on Holland Hills Road….smell is very obvious

  83. heather isberian

    The night before last, 8-12-15, between 3 and 4 in the a. m. I woke to an overwhelming skunk smell in our bedroom. Yesterday, going home about 6 p. m. same odor just at a different time!

  84. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2076175/Illegal-drugs-detected-air–change-peoples-behaviour.html
    “We know that air pollution in the form of traffic and factory fumes can pose a health risk – but airborne traces of illegal drugs could do too, say researchers.
    Scientists at the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research in Rome found traces of cocaine and cannabis in the air around dozens of sites in Italy.
    They also discovered statistical correlations between cocaine levels and certain types of cancer – and between cannabis levels and mental disorders.”

    “The results left the team wondering if air-testing for drugs might be a cheaper and more efficient way for authorities to target drug abuse.
    Compton added: ‘We’re always looking for more accurate ways to gauge the amount of drug use in communities.’”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2076175/Illegal-drugs-detected-air–change-peoples-behaviour.html#ixzz3idZXJfMx

    “As an afterthought Mr. Connell warns that the airborne levels of THC are high enough that any person living in a grow house, or in an adjacent living unit, will test positive in a urinalysis without actually consuming the marijuana.”

    “One of the most hazardous situations common in each of the grows was the presence of ultrafine particles and excessive levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). The growers typically will use industrial grade propane powered burners to purposely produce elevated levels of CO2 to promote plant growth. The propane burners also inadvertently produce huge quantities of ultrafine particles and carbon monoxide. As a result, normal residential ventilation is incapable of handling these contaminants. The concentration of these contaminants can be so high that they can kill a person – and I performed a criminal investigation wherein this is exactly what happened and a five month old little girl was killed by the presence of the grow.”

    “Next greatest hazard is the grow-lights used. The grow lights produce massive exposures to UV light. In turn, the UV spectrum can not only damage unprotected surfaces, but also, the UV light is energetic enough to break down airborne materials (such as vapors or pesticides, etc) into a soup of other unknown contaminants with unexpected and unpredictable health consequences.”
    Read more: http://www.inspection-perfection.com/marijuana-grow-room-dangers.html#.Vcuy9LXYs3g

    The BOCC is aware that many complaints have been made pertaining to High Valley Farms since late April, and that High Valley Farms acknowledge that during this time they have experienced continual problems with odor control. This is a direct violation of their license, simple as that.

    It is unconscionable that the BOCC continue to put the business interests of Jordan Lewis above the health, safety and well-being of the community. Jordan Lewis asked you to review his application fairly and objectively. Do you think it is fair to continue to inflict unknown harm as well as severely compromised quality of life on an entire subdivision established in 1970, and also negatively affect the established operations of the Roaring Fork Club just to accommodate Mr. Lewis’ ability to make a certain level of profit?

  85. I go to functions at the Methodist Church in Holland Hills at
    different times in the day. It always smells bad, and it hits
    as soon as you go outside of the church. We thought there
    was a skunk family under the building at first.
    I have also smelled it on the hiking trail just out side the
    High School. It has never diminished any where.

  86. August 12th. 5.45 p. m. coming down from Aspen, approaching the bridge I smelled a sweet, sickly odor that hit me in the car and, directly after that, right at the Bishop turn off, the familiar old pot smell was loud and clear again!

  87. Paige Hutchinson

    I can’t really think of a day that I have come home from work from Basalt and have not smelled the skunk smell turning onto Bishop Road. My 7 year old comments daily on how bad it stinks up the car (with a/c on and recirculated air on).

  88. Paige Hutchinson

    We own a unit in a four plex in Holland Hills. One of the other units is up for sale. Yesterday a realtor pulled into the drive to show the unit and the first question he asked was, “Can you smell the farm here.” My response was obviously, “yes”
    Clearly this is an issue to people trying to sell in Holland Hills and a concern to buyers.

  89. heather isberian

    Driving to work in Basalt at 8 a.m. today, 8-11-15, smell was really noticeable from Bishop all the way to the second traffic light close to our business. Strong!!

  90. Roaring a Fork a Club a Resident

    The smell is constant. We drove back from Aspen two nights in a row. The smell was over whelming around 10:00 pm. The lights were still glowing as well.

  91. I Iive in holland hills subdivision and I smell it every day I come home from work around 5 o’clock. Also people visiting my house say they smell it even when I don’t notice it. But when it is brought to my attention I realize the smell is there.

  92. Monday night the 10th of August. Just finished dinner and the odor has hit us at 6:58pm. This is not right to have this odor at the place where we reside.

  93. heather Isberian

    I had an Aspen appointment today early. Coming back down to Basalt, I drove right by the entrance to Bishop on the way to our store on Cody Lane (midday)
    I caught a very strong smell right there on Highway 82 and it lingered with me in the car past the entrance to the Roaring Fork Club and beyond.

  94. stephan isberian

    Sunday, August 9th, came out onto front deck of my home and was greeted by very strong skunk smell all around house.

  95. heather isberian

    This is a catch up report on the past several days….last Wednesday, Stephan returned home at 9 p.m. and he complained mightily about the same strong skunk smell that traveled all the way up to our house. Thursday, morning, same smell. Friday, back from the gym around 8.45 a.m. same smell. Saturday out on the back deck of our home, same smell in the p.m. Here we are on Sunday…can’t wait to see what today brings!
    Last 2 weeks, I have had headaches that feel as if I am surrounded by a heavy cloud and these occur when I am home. When I leave for another area, they dissipate. I am incredibly tired and worn out by this. We all need help here.

  96. Saturday the 8th of August. The smell in the neighborhood is thick and heavy. Please county commissioners make this stop.

  97. 3pm today, bad skunk smell

  98. Today we volunteered to help with Ragnar as the race came through Holland Hills. Now I have a nasty headache and i am not normally prone to headaches. Today the smell had changed to be like sweat. Really sickly sweat smell. And it was not the runners! Is the grow operation adding something to try to disguise the smell? We were at our volunteer stations from 8:30am until 1:30pm and it was really awful.
    Also on 7/31/15 I noticed more odor-testing workers with vests in Holland Hills around 8:30am. At that time unusually on that day there was no skunk smell. i came back at 10:30am and the smell was back. Of course there were no workers present testing the air at that time.

  99. It smelled bad again today, late morning.

  100. heather isberian

    The skunk smell is back at out store today, on E. Cody Lane.
    Our manager smelled the odor at 11.45 a.m. today and it was obvious and strong.

  101. Everyday around between noon and 3pm I notice the skunk smell near the growing facility. Today, August 6th at 9:50am I smell it upvalley in the Samuelson neighborhood. Every once in a while the scent will hang in this neighborhood although not a frequently as it does Holland Hills. More often I notice it in the BLM hills behind our neighborhood.

  102. heather isberian

    Last night, driving back home, 6 p.m. it really stank on Bishop!! Every day, without fail, the smell penetrates our fresh air.

  103. Here’s my letter to CC for the meeting on the 11th:
    Dear Pitkin County Commissioner,
    I am writing this to ask you because I will not be at next week’s meeting. Please help us. We are counting on you to help us. I have been a tax paying resident of Pitkin County for over 30 years, and I voted for you to represent us in making decisions that will keep the high standards of Pitkin County. I appreciate the hard work of our County Commissioners and what a great place it has been to live in Pitkin County. However, your approving a pot farm to do business in a residential area really surprised me–especially a business that pollutes the air with toxic waste spreading everywhere up and down the valley. I am so surprised that you let this continue after all the complaints from hard working long time tax paying residents and business owners. I’m writing this to ask you to please help us. The toxic waste skunk smell constantly filled my home last weekend. Since I wasn’t working I was home more and noticed it constantly. The odor kept waking me up at night because I needed to have the windows open to cool the house. Finally, even though it was hot I had to close them; but, the stench made its way in even with the windows closed. That stench is sickening. It is difficult to get it out of the house, and sometimes I can detect skunk smell that has gotten in my hair or clothes when I’m out shopping or working.

    Silverpeak stench settles on Hwy 82 and the air currents carry it everywhere up and down the valley. It can always be detected on Hwy 82, and then all through Holland Hills day and night, along the river walk in Basalt, in Willits near Whole Foods, in Emma while driving by, and I even noticed it at Cornerstone School in Basalt when I opened the windows last week.

    There is a limit to the number of wood burning fireplaces because of air pollution. A regulation should be applied here to stop this air pollution. Under ‘Air Quality Regulations’ on Pitkin County website it states: “In order to keep our air as clean as possible, the elected officials of Aspen and Pitkin County have passed codes to regulate the number and types of fireplaces and woodstoves that can be installed in any building. Construction dust is regulated. It is illegal to idle your vehicle for more than 5 minutes. And, there’s an air quality ordinance for restaurants.” Thank you for passing these regulations; they have made a positive impact. Please make it a regulation that toxic marijuana odor gases be eliminated. That as soon as there are complaints, the business is shut down until there is no more toxic air pollution. Don’t just fine the business, stop it immediately until the pollution problem is removed.

    Silverpeak will probably tell you at the upcoming meeting that there is no odor, that they tested it and no odor was detected. They may have machines and professional reports that their ‘experts’ use to prove there is no odor, because they can spend lots of money to skew reports in their favor. I hope you listen to the long-time hard-working tax-paying residents who live here, have families here, and care about the quality of life in Pitkin County and the surrounding area. It would be a slap in the face to us residents if you do not honor what we have been saying, if you ignore our concerns, if you ignore our health and wellness, if you allow big business to continue inappropriately in the community in which it is placed. Please don’t let this be yet another story about how big business wins over the little guy because of money having the power. I appeal to you to please help us get back our clean Colorado air that we all deserve to have and have been paying taxes to maintain a good quality of living.

    Colorado Dept of Agriculture tries to manage noxious weeds because the weeds are a health hazard to the environment and to people. Pitkin County has a County Weed Program in which the goal is to have noxious weeds eliminated by 2016 because they cause mouth, stomach and intestinal irritation. Well, this marijuana weed noxious waste odor in the air causes sinus and stomach irritation and headaches. It is a health hazard! I’ve had to receive help from my health care providers to get some relief. Since Silverpeak are in the neighborhood, they need to be responsible neighbors to the whole valley.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Dee Schuler
    417 Holland Hills Road
    Basalt, Colorado

  104. Holland Hills Owner

    Should be a very interesting decision on the commissioners part, very obvious failure to meet stated expectation, clearly bad decisions all around, if continued operation is permitted clear disregard for residents apparent.

  105. Driving by there. It still stinks a lot !

  106. Kim McHale Baillargon

    The BOCC should never have approved this project in a residential area. They all should be recalled or at the least re-elected. Once again . . . you can’t fix stupid.

  107. Last Saturday both during the day but very strong smell late at night around 2:00 am to 4:00 am. We were sleeping when this very strong smell came into the neighborhood and our home. Again and again its obvious that this operation can not handle the odor that they produce. This whole summer is coming to and end and residents for Holland Hills, Roaring Fork Club and other areas want this to STOP NOW!!!

  108. Aug. 3rd 4:10 in the afternoon. We just had a sizable rain burst 30 minutes ago. Cleaned the air. Now the smell is back.

  109. heather isberian

    This morning, returning from the gym, turning onto Bishop, same strong, powerful odor at about 8.30 a.m. Both Stephan and I smelled it.

  110. Last Friday night I kept being awakened by that awful nauseating stink making it difficult to breath from the pot farm that the breezes are carrying into my residence from their business on Hwy 82. I finally had to close my windows and endure the heat and lack of air flow. It is extremely difficult to get that stench out of my house once its in. It just isn’t right that we cannot enjoy our homes anymore because of this. I’m grieved that the county commissioners, who represent us, who we voted for to represent us, have not helped us; but instead so far have chosen to encourage business over long-time tax paying residents of Pitkin County. I’ve had to keep my windows closed all weekend, because whenever I opened them my house filled with that toxic sickening odor. It is a health hazard!

  111. Why is this allowed to continue? People
    should not have to lobby and campaign for their elected representatives to take the necessary steps to preserve the well being of entire neighborhoods. This is not a debate- or it should not be.

  112. The skunk farm should be shut down now. Obviously, Lewis
    has accomplished nothing in the odor elimination. 9 more days of
    summer air polluted with the stink until the meeting. Oh, and if a person is
    trying to sell their home, this is the prime time for showings. I see a class
    action suit coming. I will be joining my neighbors at the meeting, and I don’t think we will leave peacefully (I speak only for myself here)if that stinkhole isn’t shut down. Often, it takes serious demonstrations to get the authorities to act. If a commissioner lived in the neighborhood of stink, you can bet
    the operation would have been shut down by now.

  113. Very strong smell today and yesterday. I feel like I could say that about almost every day at some point in the day. It is really a nuisance and not right to inflict on nearby residents who have lived here long before the pot farm was approved.

  114. heather isberian

    OK….here we go again. Another report for today August 1st.2015…..I drove straight down valley from Aspen past the entrance to Holland Hills across from High Country Farms. The odor was intense. This was at 2.08 p.m. to be precise because I glanced at my clock in the car.
    Later, driving home from the Basalt store, Stephan and I could not believe how bad it was up Bishop all the way to the upper loop of Holland Hills Road. This was at 4.30 p.m. and it is now 6 p.m. and the stench is still in our yard. End of report.

  115. Continuing text. John Ely the county attorney stated in the work session that council does have the ability to red tag or stop the application at any time. They have the latitude to do these things. We should not wait for a Sept. Judgement to see if the applicatition should be extended. Heather your point of decreased property values are well based. We are able to counter sue in civil court for against the farm at 30 million or above. Let’s get going.

  116. I worked around the house on Wednesday. We had carpet installed at our home. Not that anyone cares but. It is amazing to me how strong an odor we have had. Four days five or six. This is a nuisance……. It is a negative affect on where we have resided for 25 years. Pretty simple stuff. We moved to the valley for skiing, lifestyle and enjoying the outdoor environment. If we built our homes next to a pig farm then we new up front that that operation Then that was our choice.This does have legal precedent in Nebraska and Iowa where the developer offered homes with a preexisting business in place. The farm operation is creating the nuisance is not in compliance with the application.

  117. Wow another great day in our valley. Nice hike in Ashcroft area. Great to see people out enjoying the hiking, biking and the jeep festival that is in snowmass.
    Returned home at 3:30 and the smell is at a 10. Maximum smell…… Pretty consistent with most of this week. 5:03 now and it is heavy in odor.. Need to close the doors on the house. Fabrics and carpet as well as furniture absorb the smell. Hope we have a better discussion with the commissioners soon.

  118. August 1 @ 10:am very very strong smell.
    This needs to get fixed.
    When are the county commissioners going to do something about this?

  119. There has been a very noticeable odor of marijuana at the Holland Hills subdivision this entire week. The smell has been quite strong near the entrance of the subdivision on Hwy 82 between 5:00 pm and until after sunset every evening. Rarely do we notice the smell at the far up-valley end of the subdivision but we have noticed it when outside every evening all week. It would appear that the new and improved odor mitigation efforts of High Valley Farms are proven unsuccessful. I strongly encourage the County Commissioners to deny the group’s special use permit extension at the next renewal date. This sort of activity, growing noxious plants, is far better suited to a much more rural part of the County than immediately adjacent to multiple residential neighborhoods and on the main roadway artery serving the county.

  120. stephan Isberian

    Last night, 7-30-15, returning home at 5.25 p.m. stopped at beginning of Bishop Road because I detected a skunk smell. I stopped the car and got out at my vacant lot, that I own, on right side of the road to make sure that I was smelling the pot smell. It was particularly strong there and it was lingering around. I left because I had smelled enough!! We do have plans to build on that particular parcel of land one day….do you think we can ever sell a home there with the current stigma attached?

  121. heather isberian

    Up with the dogs at 6.15 a.m. today and caught a strong skunk smell as I stood in the yard. I agree with Bronwyn about reporting the odor. It is getting tiring and each day we are still very aware of its’ presence in our area. I wish we could get on with our lives as we used to.

  122. I am tired of trying to remember to post to this website every time it smells really bad. Nothing has changed. Every morning and every night as I enter and leave our sub-division it is awful. My daughter (age 15) cannot understand why this is being allowed to continue and I am at a loss to explain to her why we are being subjected to this. It seems worse on warm non-windy days and also when the orange lights are on inside the buildings. We get some relief on rainy days. But not much. Property values….. who would want to live with this? We don’t. And again I state that I am sure things would be very different if any of the BOCC Commissioners lived in Holland Hills. They have thrown us under the bus and are now pretending that they care but have done nothing on any opportunity they have had to stop this horrible stench they personally inflicted on us when they firstly approved this monstrosity and then secondly have failed to shut it down.

  123. Noticed a strong smell of marijuana while driving on Hwy 82 next to the High Valley Farms greenhouse on Sat evening (7/25) about 6:30 pm.

  124. heather isberian

    Yesterday, driving from Bishop Dr. onto Highway 82 to the Basalt Farmers’ Market….strong, distinct skunk odor again!! About 9.30 a.m. The smell drifted along the highway as we approached the Basalt area.

  125. They also expressed disappointment that assurances were made that there were be no smell, one of the conditions of the board’s approval of the facility.

  126. Strong toxic smell from pot farm again on Hwy 82 by Holland Hills continuing to pollute the air. This has got to stop! It is not healthy; the health department should shut it down.

  127. Sunday, July 26th at 1:30 pm – strong skunk smell on Highway 82 across from greenhouse and entrance to Holland Hills.

  128. Weekly report through Sunday, 7-26-2015: There has been no change in either the frequency of intensity of the skunk smell, except that my son noted the smell was especially strong yesterday and I would have to agree. I also understand there have been complaints among some of the residents along the river and on nearby fairways at the Roaring Fork Club. The County Commissioners need to react to the pleas of so many that elected them into office and shut the operation down. It’s obvious that they can’t control their stink.

  129. We were driving up to the Snowmass concert yesterday afternoon July 23rd from Basalt, and when we were passing by Holland Hills, the skunk smell was extremely strong. I was feeling really bad for residents around there as I could not tolerate living with this smell every day. We even smell it in South Side when the wind blows that direction so I can’t even imagine living right across the street. I smell this every time I drive by that neighborhood (going hiking at Arbany Kittle or just driving up valley). It is terrible!

  130. The skunk smell was very strong when I came home to Holland Hills at 8:15pm on 7/23.

  131. Again in the Bishop and Holland Hills Dr area and as I drove toward Basalt strong evening smell…!!!! 7/23/15

  132. Drove by the pot farm around 7:00 tonight, and could smell the toxic air pollution coming from it–made me cough.

  133. Came to my house at 1.15 p.m. today to drop off something. Don’t usually go at that time. Skunk smell was especially NASTY at beginning of Bishop and it wafted all the way up to the upper loop of Holland Hills Road.

  134. Heavy pot farm odor by road this morning. I’ll keep my windows closed today to avoid my house filling with that toxic smell when the wind picks it up and carries it around the neighborhoods.

  135. Tonight while sitting in my living room with only a couple of windows opens on the backside of the house, that smell came in my home giving me a headache.

  136. heather isberian

    Stephan was returning home last night (7-18-15) with a guest. Our guest noticed the skunk smell as they drove into Holland Hills….The interesting thing is that we had not mentioned this ongoing issue to him at all! Therefore, he was not alerted to the odor problem. But he certainly smelled it!!!!
    Today, 7-19-15, Stephan was mowing the grass on our empty lot on the highway in Holland Hills. Bishop Dr. and 82. The smell was obvious and strong enough to overpower the smell of fresh cut grass. It lasted from 2.30 to 3.00 p.m. when he left the area.

  137. Yesterday morning I woke up to the nauseating smell, and it took most of the day for me to recover.

  138. Weekly report for the week ending 7-18-2015: I drove into Holland Hills and by Holland Hills 2-4 time daily and 75% of the time the skunk smell is just as strong as it ever has been despite the July 4th proclamation by Silverpeak that they had eliminated the smell with their “superior” new technology. I have quit rolling down my car windows because once the smell enters, it’s very difficult to air out. This isn’t about the smell of marijuana that most of us know about and have experienced. This is a totally different pungent smell that is the by-product of their high grade, super intensive process and I also question the “organic” properties of the chemicals they are using to inject into the exhaust systems. I had my carpet cleaned with “organic” cleaners a few months ago and I had trouble thinking for 3 days and my cat died shortly thereafter to the bewilderment of the veterinarians. THIS POLLUTION NEEDS TO STOP NOW for the sake of the neighbors, their children, pets and their clearly-in-question property values and quality of life !!

    The operation needs to be closed until they can truly prove that they can stop the onerous smell that they assured the BOCC would never be a problem.

    David Lambert

  139. There was a strong smell of flowering cannabis on the evening of July 16 – this odor can still be noticed along Hwy 82 near the entrance to Holland Hills Subdivision most every evening. The smell is especially notable on warm days.

  140. heather isberian

    Tuesday, 7-14-15, came to our house approx. 2.45 p.m. to meet an Alltec rep. re. house alarm. The skunk odor was present at that time too. It appears to be prevalent many times in each day. One time is one too many!
    Also, last night, Wednesday, 7-15-15 at 6.40 p.m. Stephan smelled strong pot odor as he waited to turn into Holland Hills to go home.

  141. Yesterday (7/13/15) when I left the subdivision at 8:15 am the smell was VERY strong. When I returned at 3pm the smell was again VERY strong.

  142. heather Isberian

    Last night (7-13-15) again a very strong smell early evening. Bishop Drive wafting up the road to the houses.

  143. Dear County Commissioners,
    My family lives in the Holland Hills subdivision in unincorporated Pitkin County. We opposed the land use application for the pot farm based on the negative impact such an operation would have on children in the area. The Board made it clear in the hearings that energy efficiency, visual impact, and the number of trees were important factors and that the type of business was not relevant.. The odor from this facility is assaulting the children in the area on a daily basis and it has not improved over the summer months. You made a mistake when you approved the land use application. You have an opportunity now to at least enforce reasonable operating conditions. Please mitigate the impact of this operation on the families that live in the neighborhood.

  144. heather Isberian

    Today, Monday 7-13-15, VERY strong skunk odor at beginning of Bishop Dr. at approx. 9 a.m.

  145. Today (7/10/15) when I was leaving Holland Hills at 8:15am there were a few people in neon vests roaming around the subdivision with equipment that looked a bit like metal detectors . Their vests said they were a odor detection team. Due to the rain there was no smell that I could detect at that time. When I returned at 10:30am the smell was quite strong and there were no neon-vest people around to measure it!!!

  146. I have stated before that I don’t smell very well due to a past sinus surgery, BUT my son has a normal sense of smell. Almost every morning when I drive my son on HWY 82 to Basalt Elementary school or to a local day camp (located at Basalt Elementary School), he will make a comment about the smell. I usually tell him, “well someone must have hit a skunk this morning”. Today, my son made the comment, “Daddy, why are there so many skunks around here?” I’m done with it!! I’m done telling him a lie. So I told him where that smell comes from. Showed him where the smell was coming from and that the smell comes from a type of plant they grow,. My son got it, he understood. He then asked me, “well why can’t they grow something that smells good?, I don’t like the stinky smell.”

  147. I am submitting this comment for Ann Smock who is a 70+ years old and a resident of Holland Hills.

    Hutch, I do not participate in any of the social media sites that are linked to the web site/reaction to the pot farm smell. Can you pass my comments along to someone who can post them for me?
    My comments:
    I attended a social event in Missouri Heights last evening (7/8/2015) where I was approached by three separate individuals inquiring if the pot farm smell bothered me as a resident of Holland Hills. Each person said she drove on Highway 82, passing by the farm over the past few days, and experienced the strong, offensive odor from the marijuana. Can you imagine how I feel hearing this? Thanks to front page local news coverage, the problem of the odor is widely recognized up and down the valley, lending an awful, negative stigma to Holland Hills. THIS WILL AFFECT OUR PROPERTY VALUES. When The Pot Farm applied to the county two years ago for approval to operate their farm, we residents, at a BOCC hearing, expressed our concern about the potential of disagreeable odor. Guess we knew what we were talking about!
    Ann Smock

  148. I close my windows at night to keep out the nauseous smell from the pot farm, and it is hot. The smell lingers during the day. Burning a scented candle does not help. Why don’t the commissioners’ stop that inconsiderate and irresponsible pot farm business. They have not kept their word that there would be no smell. I loved being here breathing the fresh Colorado air; now I feel like it would be better to be back in Detroit. I cannot believe that our beloved county commissioners would allow this to continue. I just wonder what is going on behind the scenes to allow it to go on so long. And, if the pot farm finds a chemical to neutralize the smell, how safe would it be to inhale that? There should be tests to prove its safeness. I expect that our commissioners would think of this.

  149. Bronwyn Anglin

    I was completely stunned by the inaccurate reporting in the 4th of July edition of the Aspen Daily News that there is no more smell coming from the Silverpeak grow operation !!!!! I was only at home for a short while yesterday but can definitely assert that around 9:30am and again at 5:30 pm which were the only times I was at my home in Holland Hills yesterday the stench was very very strong!

  150. stephan Isberian

    Yesterday, 7-6-15, same strong skunk smell at entrance to Bishop Rd. about
    5.45 p. m.

  151. The July 4th article in the Aspen Daily News proclaiming “success” by Jordan Lewis in controlling the Skunk Odor is reminiscent of George W. Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech claiming victory in Iraq in 2003. The US is still in Iraq and the Skunk Odor continues to linger in large pools in and around Holland Hills. Nothing has changed !

  152. Sunk smell still on 82 right now @ 7:20pm. This needs to be fixed. I should not have to smell pot driving downvalley.

  153. Heather Isberian

    There was an article in the weekend paper (Aspen Daily News, 7-4-15) referring to the fact that the smell was no longer in existence! Did the author of the article ask the local residents? Did he hang out long enough in our area to judge whether the smell was not there anymore? Or was he assured by the owners of the pot facility that we no longer had to concern over the odor?
    Please note that some times in the day, the smell is not noticeable. However at many other times, it is overwhelming. It is on and off all day and especially prevalent at 5.00 to 6.30 p.m.
    Also, this article was published in the July 4th. edition. High Valley Farms said in the article that they had put a new system up and running on last Wednesday, July 1st. but Kent Schuler reported the skunk smell several times on July 3rd. We were briefly visiting our daughters’ home on Crossland, in Holland Hills today, July 5th. and we both smelled the bad odor again. We suggest that the reporter, Chad Abraham, contacts the members of our neighborhood, and gives us a chance to explain our experiences with the ongoing smell.
    One more question…at what hour of the day were these tours being held?
    Heather Isberian

  154. Brigitte Aplanalp

    In the paper the pot farm claimed that the malodor from their operation is gone. I however am still detecting a strong odor exspecially as you approach Hwy 82 from Bishop drive. . Brigitte Adplanalt

  155. heather isberian

    There was an article in the weekend paper (Aspen Daily News, 7-4-15) referring to the fact that the smell was no longer in existence! Did the author of the article ask the local residents? Did he hang out long enough in our area to judge whether the smell was not there anymore? Or was he assured by the owners of the pot facility that we no longer had to concern over the odor?
    Please note that some times in the day, the smell is not noticeable. However at many other times, it is overwhelming. It is on and off all day and especially prevalent at 5.00 to 6.30 p.m.
    Also, this article was published in the July 4th. edition. High Valley Farms said in the article that they had put a new system up and running on last Wednesday, July 1st. but Kent Schuler reported the skunk smell several times on July 3rd. We were briefly visiting our daughters’ home on Crossland, in Holland Hills today, July 5th. and we both smelled the bad odor again. We suggest that the reporter, Chad Abraham, contacts the members of our neighborhood, and gives us a chance to explain our experiences with the ongoing smell.
    One more question…at what hour of the day were these tours being held?

  156. Today Sunday July 5th 10:00 am on my way out of Holland Hills strong smell from Crossland Drive on down to Hwy 82 and Bishop Road. It continued going toward Basalt and up the the first traffic light.
    Now at 2:20 pm back home in Holland Hills after the rain has stopped smell is back….!

  157. Yesterday July 3rd back from a trip and again the smell around 6:00 am strong and again afternoon 2:30 or 3:00 pm same odor.

  158. heather isberian

    Last Friday one of our employees was helping to move some things at the Crossland Lane residence of our 2 daughters in Holland Hills. He noted how strong the smell of marijuana was that day and how obnoxious it was!
    Today, 7-1-15, we have the same smell in the back parking lot of our business on E. Cody Lane, Basalt. It just does not stop!!

  159. The smell from Silverpeak’s disastrously gone wrong grow farm continues to be as strong or stronger and lingers for up to a mile in all directions depending on the prevailing breezes. Today I drove past a dead skunk in the middle of Hwy 82 in Snowmass Canyon and noted that the smell left my car more quickly than the blast that I experience from the grow operation. That’s my update . . .

  160. heather isberian

    Saturday, June 27th. 7.45 a.m. VERY obvious skunk odor at Bishop onto Highway 82 and it lingered along road to Roaring Fork Club entrance.
    Again, same smell at 2.30 p.m. same area and it worked its way up Bishop Road as we drove home. I continue to find moments in my busy days to let everyone know the reality of this situation we are in….the smell has not changed or improved. It is no better.

  161. stephan isberian3

    I can now say that I smell the skunk every night between 5 and 6 when I come from work. Getting worse. Stephan

  162. I live in Wingo Junction and Annie Sutherland-Watts forwarded your email regarding the High Valley Farms pot smell. I’m really surprised at Silverpeak’s emails. I drive that portion of highway daily – sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and there is still, without doubt, a strong pot smell – not 100% of the time but certainly much, much more often than not. When I drove by today I even thought “wow … they still haven’t fixed it. Poor Holland Hills residents.” Please know that I will start logging my experiences on your “roaring forkskunk smell” site. Thanks for all the work you’re doing on this!

  163. It would be interesting to know if it is a concern regarding the chemical they are introducing to the airstream, and what the resultant chemical is after the reaction takes place, I believe the introduced chemical is designed to bind with the offensive smelling molecule and render it in some way neutral in terms of odor, like the way you would neutralize acid with baking soda. One can observe a mist being emitted from the exhaust almost constantly. It would be interesting to know if the county folks had made any attempt to gain knowledge of this process, and its ingredients or if it is a free for all.

  164. I drove by the facility today at 12:15pm and the odor was strong and distinct, especially when passing by Bishop Drive. I continued to smell it almost to the pedestrian bridge.

  165. Jay and Shirley Gottlieb

    Before becoming a dermatologist, I was an ear, nose and throat surgeon for 15 years. Anybody there cannot smell that skunk-like order that comes from the growing operation, really should make an appointment with his or her ear nose and throat physician. I can only imagine the amount of sinus disease that you must have.

  166. Jay and Shirley Gottlieb

    Hard to believe! Not calling you a liar, but seriously……

  167. Jay and Shirley Gottlieb

    We have a home on Hearthstone Drive in Elk Run. We also have a home on Riverbend across from the grow area. I worked as a dermatologist in the salt for about 10 years. We are part-time homeowners now. We were told about the potential smell. When we were in town in March, we complained of smelling a skunk-like smell in both of our home areas. We were told it was coming from the grow house. We have not been back since. It was really a very disgusting smell and I can’t imagine that any of my neighbors would want to live with that smell on a regular basis.
    If the grow house is to stay, I think something has to be done to prevent that smell from getting into the air and it’s affecting the areas where we live, play and work. Thank you very much,
    Jay and Shirley Gottlieb

  168. heather isberian

    Stephan and I returned home tonight in separate cars….at 5.30 I smelled strong pot odor and he smelled it soon thereafter also. On Bishop Road and the intersection. Last Monday Stephan caught a strong smell again at the entrance to Holland Hills around 6 p.m. I noted the same stink over the last weekend around 3 p.m. on both Sat and Sun.
    There is a follow up meeting on this topic with the BOCC in Aspen on Tues. August 11th ( the 2 month deadline) at 3.30 p.m. Check the FRIDAY before to be sure of the time and that the subject is on the agenda. PLEASE ATTEND!! Thank you.

  169. Since the work session two weeks ago the odor has increased not decreased. I made some notes in my day timer and it has been early in the day and late afternoon as well. With the added heat the misting system it just added to a more heavy odor. I do not believe that the odor is being lessened.
    Tim Pohl

  170. Stephan Isberian

    I would like to say I smell that skunk odor often but yesterday at 6 P.M. while driving home from work I slowed down in the egress lane to turn into Holland Hills and the smell of the pot was so strong that I took a second to look over at the site. I saw numerous people walking around that property. I don’t understand how these people are not wearing masks from all that odor. Why are they asking us when we smell it? They know perfectly well when it smells or are they so use to it that they don’t get it or are too attached to that smell to care. Their web site is a waste of our time and a camouflage move to frustrate the public. Regards, Stephan G. Isberian

  171. I had sinus surgery several years ago and it did not go well. The surgery negatively affects my sense of smell, meaning I can’t smell things as I used to. I can occasionally smell the Pot Farm across the street from Holland Hills and I can honestly say that I do not like that smell. BUT…That is a real problem, because if I can smell it, then I truly feel sorry for those residents who have a normal sense of smell, because it must just smell dreadfully bad to them!!

  172. BOCC

    It is COMPLETELY UNFAIR and impractical to expect Holland Hills residents to fill in the details required on that stupid website that High Valley “Farms” set up since the June BOCC meeting. The smell is constant in mornings and evenings – worse I think now than before! Again I want to stress that my 15 year old daughter’s bedroom smells like skunk because we must sleep with our windows open as we have no air conditioning in our 1970 townhome.

    We have lived in our home since June 27, 2000 when my daughter was 6 weeks old. It is the only home she knows and she loves it but boy is this summer tough due to the HORRIBLE smells coming from the grow operation. I lay this disaster squarely at your feet (with the exception of George Newman) since you approved this in direct opposition to the carefully worded opinions of the Holland Hills residents AND the mayor of Basalt. Shame on you and shame on you for not pulling the license until this is fixed! It has been 2 months now with no respite!!!!!!

    I am not the only resident that is completely fed up with this intolerable situation – my guess is things would be VERY different if any of you lived here!

    This email will be posted in entirety on roaringforkskunksmell.com

    Bronwyn Anglin

  173. Smell has not improved at all– if anything it has gotten worse. Still don’t understand how this can continue every day–it is extremely bad every day–most all and every day,night,early morning. This can not continue it is effecting our lives and health not to speak of our property values. Close there DOORS NOW!!

  174. The stench was consistently very strong both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, same as for the past four weekends and most weekdays.

  175. Today the smell was very strong from at least 10 am through to 5 pm.

  176. They are polluters, plain and simple. They cannot mitigate their noxious odors reliably. They were idiots to build their facility in such a public place and the commissioners were idiots to approve it in such a public place. They will not be the first idiots to go out of business because of a bad location decision. Pull their permit.

  177. During a BOCC work session today regarding the High Valley Farm odor mitigation issues, the suggestion was made by three members of the Commission that ranged from red-tagging the operation until they have fully controlled the odor to cutting back the number of plants by 50% or 75% to give the neighbors some relief so they could experience a near-normal outdoor summer breathing experience. Jordan Lewis responded by saying that a 50% cut-back for two months would financially shut down the operation. This seems really hard to believe given the huge profit numbers they must be experiencing as evidenced by the fact that it’s profitable enough for him to have shut down the other more remote operations according to Lewis. This continuing “business as usual in trying new technologies without much success” is yet another kick in the face of those now-impatient neighbors who so well expressed their obvious quality of life and legitimate loss of property value concerns, for most their only form of future retirement income.

    I’m quite sure that had only a 50% (or 25%) reduction in the number of plants been approved by the BOCC, Jordan Lewis would be highly financially motivated to spend the additional money it will take to install state of the art ionizing systems. His primary motivation is money, and if he can plod along for a few more months experimenting with systems that may well not work and require significant periodic maintenance without seriously pursuing Hydroxyl ionizers (at the expense of homeowners), we will be dealing with these issues at least until the application renewal date and then I see more promises for improvements and Jordan begging for additional time. The BOCC seemed in agreement that if the skunk smell weren’t fully controlled in two months, the operation would be closed until the systems had been tested and found to be fully effective. Hopefully that will be the case, at the VERY least.

    This stinks so far . . .

  178. Over the last few months there has been not change and now that summer is here we can not open our windows at night because of the smell.
    The odor is strong like other have said “Enough Is Enough!”.

  179. I live in the area and had guest from out of town this weekend. Riding on the bike path and having to deal with the smell wasn’t exactly my idea of a beautiful day out. I was extremely embarrassed when my friends asked if there was a dead skunk somewhere off the bike path and I explained it was the “pot farm”. I’m not opposed to the whole marijuana issue, but don’t appreciate the lack of control they seem to have to control the odor.

  180. Paige Hutchinson

    We live on the upper portions of Holland Hills Road and we can smell the farm when the wind is blowing just right. I FEEL for those who are on the lower road closer to the highway.
    My son, age 7, comments frequently on the “skunk smell’ on the way to SCHOOL.
    I have heard people joking about people hanging their heads out the window on the highway to catch the smell. That’s not so funny when it’s your beloved neighborhood and it directly affects your property values.
    I know there is a new filtration system in the works but now it seems to little too late and I believe the license should be pulled until the greenhouse is in compliance.
    We fought this as a neighborhood from day one with the town of Basalt and it fell on deaf ears in Pitkin County. This is the gateway to Pitkin County. What an embarrassment.
    This is an article regarding a hot sauce plant in CA that may be of interest

  181. Bronwyn Anglin

    My 15 year old daughter was upset this morning because she had opened her window to sleep and her whole room stank from the smell coming inside….. she is 15 for goodness sake!

  182. Today was so bad I called all the BOCC Commissioners and sent the below email to George Newman (george.newman@pitkincounty.com); jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com (jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com); kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com (kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com)
    Cc: BOCC (bocc@pitkincounty.com); John Ely (john.ely@pitkincounty.com); Jon Peacock (jon.peacock@pitkincounty.com)

    Thank you for scheduling discussion on this issue Tuesday 9th. Today I called all the commissioners as the smell was so strong that I felt nauseous as I was working outside. The work had to be done this morning but I see no reason that I should be afraid of working in my yard at any time!

    I am sending this email to be included in your documentation. Please pull the licence until they can assure us that we can safely open our windows to cool our homes (no air conditioning in most of our homes) and be outside in our yards without feeling sickened by the disgusting smell!

  183. stephan Isberian

    The skunk smell was very noticeable this weekend in Holland Hills:
    Saturday about 12:00 and Sunday at 3 p.m. Today, leaving Holland Hills onto Highway 82, very strong at 9:30 a.m. Clearly, this is happening at many different times of each day.

  184. Saturday 5-30-2015: There was a very powerful nauseating skunk smell coming from the grow facility across from Holland Hills that extended well past Crossland Drive from at least 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on the first sunny Saturday in many weeks. Working in the yard was out of the question. Why can’t they just turn off the fans and recirculate their pollution internally ?

  185. heather isberian

    Memorial Day, Monday May 25th at 3 p.m. Very strong and overwhelming skunk smell on Crossland Lane, Holland Hills.

  186. Stephan and Heather Isberian

    We also live in Holland Hills. In fact, our family owns 4 parcels in the area. Our business is just down the road. Both are affected by the overwhelming smell. Customers have noticed it and friends comment constantly. Not one of the comments is positive! Our fresh air is compromised. Our doors and windows must stay closed. This is not the way to enjoy life!
    We cannot understand why it is taking so long to create a ventilation system that will do the right job? If this were a sewage plant emitting an extraordinarily rotten smell, wouldn’t the county instruct their environmental department to close the facility down until they found a way to mitigate the foul odor to zero? Why should we wait any longer? The facility should close until it meets the BOCC requirements 100% This whole problem is reminiscent of the play “Waiting for Godot” Remember, he never turns up! Is that what we can expect? And, to all those reading this email, we have no problems with pot companies. We just want our quality of life to return to the normal we used to enjoy. Stephan and Heather Isberian

  187. Holland Hills Homeowner

    I am posting this message in response to the skunk smell that is being emitted by the grow operation across the highway from Holland Hills Subdivision. I am a homeowner and come home late at night after working in a restaurant 6 nights a week. On more than a couple of occasions when arriving at my home I was overcome by the smell of a skunk, thinking that one (or a family of) was living under my house. Of course only to find out that the smell was coming from the grow operation across the highway from my home. I have called the Pitkin county sheriff’s department to complain, so a voice would be heard. I am writing this because I am concerned about my property value declining and the fact that I can’t open my windows for clean, fresh air to sleep at night. I think that the county commissioners should have considered the homeowners in the area before they approved this application. I am not against anyone making a living but when it effects so many other people’s lives then someone needs to step in and correct the situation. That is why we have commissioners in the first place. Our voices need to be heard and this situation should have been considered first by the powers that were put into office to reflect our interest also. So far this “experiment” is not working out, and I for one don’t like to be one of the Guiney pig’s for someone else’s gains. It appears that we are going to need to experience this uncomfortable situation for the rest of the summer (because the commissioners have given until September) before anything can be done to rectify the situation. It’s disturbing that the Holland Hills Subdivision owners are going to lose the ability of enjoying the beautiful outdoors of the summer that we all come to look forward to. Being forced to stay indoors is not my idea of why I have chosen to live in this valley.

  188. There are a bazillion acres of ag land in co currently being used to harvest marginal crops. Most of these acres are in places where there is virtually zero interaction with a concentration of local humans. The owners of this grow operation made a management decision to locate this facility in a place with an abundance of potential conflicts. The commissioners chose to accept the risk of these potential conflicts. Now there is a conflict, the potential for this was as clear as day, now it needs to be addressed. Obviously there is some sort or pressing need to have this facility shoehorned in here or it would have been located somewhere with less risk of issues arising, if the need to have this facility right here is so great than the expectation needs to be set as to their operating parameters. Currently the operational expectation is weak and frankly is a reflection what must be a pretty ambiguous set of requirements from the county.

  189. Austin Garrison

    To obtain their permits, the owners of High Valley Farms assured the residents and county they would be good neighbors. Now we find what happens when you replace a horse pasture with a high-density agribusiness. The odors are consistent and very noticeable down by Highway 82.
    Growing up in the Front Range of Colorado, we would joke that you could tell you had arrived in Greeley by the smell from the feedlots. Thanks to High Valley, Holland Hills now has that same distinction (“just turn right/left at the stench…”).
    This is the responsibility of the County that insisted on approving a high-impact agricultural business in a rural area. This is a clear violation of the agreement terms. The operating permit renewal should be denied.

  190. The odor is very noticeable down by the highway. I’m not sure if this is compost or some chemical fertilizer. Regardless, it is very offensive and it violates the permit and promises made by the grower.
    Remember, this is a high-intensity industrial agricultural operation. The County has very limited experience with this type of business and their inexperience is showing.

  191. I believe the situation has not been resolved in a timely manner. I feel when their license is up for renewal it should be denied. In their application they stated they would be no smell from their facility, this was not true, and now the people living in the general area of their grow facility are suffering the consequences.
    Marijuana business is big money for our governments and more than likely the license will be renewed because of this fact.

  192. Brigitte and Peter Abplanalp

    I would like to add our voice to the Holland Hills homeowners upset by the smell from the pot growing plant.
    We live at 142 Holland Hills Rd. and can definitely smell the offensive odor.
    It should be noted that the Holland Hills homeowners were opposed to the building of the pot plant, one of the objections being the possible smell from the pot growing operation. This was ignored and our county commissioners charged ahead and gave the pot growing business the go ahead to build.
    I hope this situation can be dealt with in a speedy fashion so we can continue to enjoy our great outdoors without the offensive skunk smell.
    Brigitte and Peter Abplanalp

  193. Everytime this gets brought up the standard response is ‘we are working on correcting the smell’ which has been said since the greenhouse started growing. They are really adding to the CO stereotype for out of state visitors.

  194. We live in Holland Hills and notice the skunk smell most days, in varying degrees of intensity. While I don’t mind there being a grow facility, I do mind it emitting a smell that infringes on their neighbors’ ability to enjoy fresh air that doesn’t stink. Please fix it or shut it down.

  195. It doesn’t take much searching on the internet to find that odors from grow operations do, indeed, effect some people and animals. Open this link to listen to just one Portland couple’s experience: http://www.katu.com/news/local/Couple-says-smell-from-pot-grow-is-making-them-sick-200691241.html?tab=video&c=y

  196. A very powerful skunk-smell is in our neighborhood as it flows in and around Holland Hills area. What we have smelled along with other motorists sometimes starting around the Roaring Fork Club entrance going up valley pass the bike trail steel bridge which crosses Hwy 82. This smell interferes with the clean crisp mountain air we so enjoy and has nothing to do with the morality of marijuana. We were told that the any smell would be a non-issue during the permitting process of the growing facility but over the past few months this skunk-smell has become a big issue. The strong concerns is about preserving our crisp clean mountain air especially when we entering Pitkin County and our neighborhoods.

  197. Bronwyn Anglin

    I just sent this update:

    george.newman@pitkincounty.com Cc: jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com, kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com

    Hi George

    I did promise to send updates and have been meaning to write this for about a week. I received no acknowledgement from anyone on my last email – can you let me know if you get this?

    The smell is only getting worse. Last week early on it was super bad between 7:30pm and 9:30pm – usually a time for my family to be enjoying our dinner on our outside patio… we realised that will be impossible with the horrible smell! On Thursday I was volunteering for Lift Up at the church in Holland Hills between 11am and 1pm and we actually had to shut the doors to the church because we couldn’t stand the smell – not very welcoming for the people in need coming to get food. Saturday morning was awful too. I am posting these emails on http://www.roaringforkskunksmell.com and hope that you will also post any updates on what the BOCC is doing to help the residents upon whom they foisted this disaster.

  198. Bronwyn Anglin

    I sent the below emailed letter to George Newman (BOCC) on 4/20/15 as he was kind enough to return my phone call and asked that I follow up with an email that he can take to the BOCC. Neither Jeannette nor Kurt acknowledged receipt nor responded in any way. George asked for regular updates so I am about to send another one.

    george.newman@pitkincounty.com Cc: jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com, kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com
    From: bronwyn
    Sent: Mon 4/20/15 4:05 PM
    To: george.newman@pitkincounty.com (george.newman@pitkincounty.com)
    Cc: jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com (jeanette.jones@pitkincounty.com); kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com (kurt.dahl@pitkincounty.com)

    Thank you George for calling me back and taking the time to listen to my concerns over the intolerable smell coming from the grow operation opposite my subdivision.

    I again want to flag that I cannot afford to install air-conditioning in my town home which was built in 1970. I have lived in this home since June 2000 and have always relied on opening windows and doors in the summer as do most of my neighbours. I cannot imagine how we are going to get through this summer as it is impossible to endure the smell so we must keep all windows and doors closed :(

    Please can you hasten all efforts to test the air quality in our neighbourhood and ensure that it is restored to pre-factory levels – we cannot spend a whole summer like this!!!

  199. this situation is intolerable!!! If this were a private residence creating
    the stink, something would have been done by now. The commissioners
    are not doing there job, period. The grower should have to prove there is
    a system in place that eliminates the intense offending odors, BEFORE
    continuing with the enterprise. The grower is negatively impacting the
    quality of life for the neighbors and their property values.
    It would seem the next step is litigation. Every day that passes with
    the ongoing stink should result in a hefty fine. The residents of
    Holland Hills and Roaring Fork Club didn’t invest in property
    that they now would have to disclose a very pervasive and chronic
    putrid odor emanating from a neighbor. This is very, very serious!!

  200. claudia cunningham

    It’s a brief interlude of a smell that others think is entertaining. Give these people a chance. Have you spoken directly to the managers at the grow operation? They spent real money putting in a HVAC system that would prevent this. Give them some time.

  201. Barry McCockener

    I applaud this article’s courage to speak against the hard truth regarding the skunk smell next to Holland Hills! For far too long has this crime against commuters and golfers alike gone unpunished – a crime so heinous that that only the bravest of the small folk are able speak of the unrelenting stench without fear of the Doobie police swooping down and taking them into custody. What are we to do? Plug our noses? There aren’t enough clothes pins in the world to do the job any justice! We have an undeniable crisis on our hands, ladies and gentlemen. Contact the White House, let Obama know what should – nay, MUST! – be done!

  202. How long until “they are working on it” will that be? How long do travelers on 82 have to put up with the “Skunk Factory’s” smell? I think the County Commissioners need to put a stop to this and suspend or remove the approvals for this.

  203. The smells have not gotten any better, even though we have been told they are working on this health issue to all surrounding area. Make it go away NOW, or close the doors.

  204. It’s April 30 and the smell is becoming more intense as the days grow longer. I’m not looking forward to summer in Holland Hills !! It’s obvious that the operation didn’t have an effective odor filtration plan when they sold it to the County Commissioners and still don’t. Enough is enough !

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